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London Art Fair

20 Jan 2021 - 31 Jan 2021

January 2021’s event was the London Art Fair’s 33rd edition, held online this year in lockdown conditions. I was very glad of this opportunity to showcase a selection of works by four artists whose exhibitions in my St Andrews’ South Street gallery were affected by previous lockdown periods during 2020: Calum Colvin OBE RSA, Sarah […]


Alexander Moffat and Helen Bellany


It’s an enormous pleasure for the Junor Gallery to present new works by two major figures in Scotland’s cultural life. Alexander Moffat’s landscapes are the most significant development of the artist’s ‘late style’ to be shown in Scotland since his monumental composite portrait Scotland’s Voices. ‘Sooner or later the main genres of western painting… still life, […]

Calum Colvin Future Exhibition

Calum Colvin

14 Mar 2020 - 30 May 2020

Calum Colvin OBE RSA is one of Europe’s most innovative and renowned photographer artists. ‘There is a magical character to the art of Calum Colvin. . . . Colvin’s work has, historically and consistently, conjured a world that is deceptively attractive, subtly alluring, and filled with spectacular enchantments. The multiple manipulations and the artfulness of […]

'St Andrews' from Ruth Nicol's solo exhibition in the Junor Gallery

Ruth Nicol

19 Oct 2019 - 08 Mar 2020

Ruth Nicol’s popular solo exhibition East Neuk ended 8 March 2020. The final week of the exhibition coincided with St Andrews’ international poetry festival StAnza and featured in the festival’s Inspire Sessions. The exhibition depicted coastlines and villages in this corner or neuk of Fife’s east coast. Ruth Nicol captures the contrast between the built […]

Hand gilded with Genuine 24ct gold leaf, Archival pigment based print by Yanko Tihov. Solo exhibition opens at the Junor Gallery in St Andrews, Scotland on 20th July with the artist speaking at 2.00pm. All welcome.

Yanko Tihov solo exhibition ‘Identities’

20 Jul 2019 - 12 Oct 2019

Yanko Tihov (b. 1977) is a master printmaker. He had a classical training at the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria, where a great emphasis was placed on drawing. He told me they drew for 3 hours every day, from life models, plaster casts . . . everything that would be expected in an […]

My Father in the Cottage by Sarah Longley. Portrait of the artist's father, poet Michael Longley

Sarah Longley

23 Feb 2019 - 06 Jul 2019

Sarah Longley is an Irish artist based in Scotland. Sarah graduated with First Class Honours in Drawing & Painting from Edinburgh College of Art and completed her Masters Degree in Fine Art there in 2001. She lived in Edinburgh for many years before relocating to the north-west Highlands of Scotland six years ago. The natural […]

PEERIE, an exhibition of small works – MARION SMITH RSA, with Belinda Bullen, Alistair Macnaughton, Dan Drage, Bertie Lumsden, Andrew Wenrick

08 Dec 2018 - 16 Feb 2019

Born in St Andrews, Scotland and currently based near the town, Marion Smith RSA studied sculpture at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen. Her practice centres on creating site-specific commissions for the public realm. She has large scale sculptures permanently sited in the United Kingdom from Shetland in the far north to Southampton in the south […]

Scotland's Voices by Alexander Moffat OBE RSA


29 Jul 2018 - 30 Nov 2018

The gallery was privileged to present the third stage in this touring exhibition of Scotland’s Voices, the most significant composite portrait to be painted in Scotland and Europe since the artist’s Poets’ Pub (1980, National Galleries of Scotland).  Poet’s Pub depicted an imaginary gathering of some of Scotland’s most renowned poets of the twentieth century.  This […]

Laurent Dessupoiu

03 Mar 2018 - 30 Jun 2018

LAURENT DESSUPOIU Writing is one of humanity’s greatest achievements, enabling our languages, learning and communication to be recorded for future generations and shared across cultures.  Handwriting reveals not only our unique personality, but perhaps also our age, where we’re from, even the onset of some illnesses.  In an increasingly digital age, while the handwritten word […]

In the Long Evenings . . . Colour and Light

08 Dec 2017 - 21 Feb 2018

In the long evenings . . . colour and light  presented the work of four sought-after contemporary Scottish and European artists, offering mid-winter experiences of light and colour Belinda Bullen studied as a post-graduate student at the Royal Academy Schools.  From her Fife studio, the artist studies the ever-changing light and coastal landscape, which she […]

Maps of the Imagination

18 Aug 2017 - 30 Nov 2017

Maps of the Imagination presented the map-based work of five contemporary Scottish and international artists with connections to Europe: Yanko Tihov, Andrew Wenrick, Elisabeth Lecourt, Mick Manning and Gerry Turley.  A range of fine jewellery by designer maker Dominic Walmsley,  inspired by Geddy’s mediaeval map of St Andrews (c.1580), as well as the map-themed poetry […]