London Art Fair

London Art Fair

You are very warmly invited to visit the London Art Fair: Edit from 20 January to 31 January to discover works by Calum Colvin OBE RSA, Sarah Longley, Alexander Moffat OBE RSA and Helen Bellany, all renowned artists who’ve exhibited in my gallery.

January’s event will be the London Art Fair’s 33rd edition, a digital Fair for 2021. I’m very glad of this opportunity to showcase the artists whose exhibitions were hard hit by the lockdown periods over the past months.

The digital Fair will host online Viewing Rooms featuring audio and written commentaries narrated by the artists themselves, where you can enjoy a more personal interaction and viewing experience with insights into the artists’ inspiration and creative processes.

Another way to keep the digital fair more personal and social is for you to keep in touch, either via email or phone throughout the fair. As with my physical gallery, I’d love to hear your responses to the artworks. I’m available to answer any queries you may have, including regarding national and international deliveries. I’d love to hear from you! Enjoy the Fair.