The Crags (Radical Road) V

57 x 76cm
Alexander Moffat OBE RSA

Acrylic on paper

One of a series of 10 intensive studies of this volcanic spur in the city of Edinburgh’s Holyrood Park painted between 2016-19

One of Europe’s most renowned portraitists, the artist reflected on these ‘late style’ works in the landscape genre:

‘The landscapes, or landmarks I‘m attracted to usually have some kind of emblematic potential…from my studio window I can see Arthur’s Seat, Salisbury Crags, Calton Hill. The crags and rocks of Edinburgh speak of history and therefore confer identity….In Sutherland, Suilven…and in Italy, the Apuan Alps. These are perhaps my most pure landscapes…they don’t need people. And it is possible to make a landscape painting that carries additional meaning, as Poussin and Caspar David Friedrich demonstrated.’ – Alexander Moffat