Paris May ’68 screen-printed poster from Atelier Populaire

62 x 45cm
Paris May ’68 screen-printed poster from Atelier Populaire

‘Education permanente’ – silk-screen Atelier Populaire poster, from occupation of École des Beaux Arts, Paris, May 1968. Deliberately collective / anonymous artist/s, 62cm x 45cm (framed) marks the 50th Anniversary of the ‘Mai ’68’ student occupation of the École des Beaux Arts, Paris. During a month of civil unrest, students created thousands of posters for their non-violent demonstrations. Most of the posters were printed on newsprint using one or two colours with basic icons such as a factory to represent labour or a fist to represent resistance. The students were met with police brutality, which only served to increase support for their cause. 

This good example demands ‘permanent education,’ to break free from the shackles of poverty and ignorance.  It resonates with the recent UK university staff strikes, to protect not only pensions but quality of education.

Sold by Silent Auction.      Auction ended 31st May 2018 and the winning bid of 185.00 GBP was sent in by a very good printmaker – this treasure has gone to a good home!  Keep an eye on my website and social media (Facebook, Instagram) for future silent auctions.

Provenance:  private individual’s consignment to a London auction house.

Literature:  ‘Beauty is in the Street: A Visual Record of the May ’68 Paris Uprising’  editors Johan Kugelberg and Philippe Vermès (UK: Four Corners Books, 2011).