Gilt and sterling silver double pendant

Dominic Walmsley

A double pendant by bespoke jeweller Dominic Walmsley; large gilt (22ct gold), smaller sterling silver, exclusive to my Gallery. Hallmarked on verso.

This piece is now SOLD (June 2023). Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for another to made to order for you in Dominic’s workshop. Quality you can trust.

Each piece in the St Andrews collection features the iconic steeple of  St Salvator’s Chapel in the heart of the University area. To the right, the windows of the chapel can be seen.  The layout of North Street and Market Street, changed very little since mediaeval times, is rendered in detail.  The exquisitely rendered detail of the town’s houses with their ancient ‘lang rigg’ gardens is a testament to the jeweller’s superb craftsmanship.

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