The Junor Gallery specialises in contemporary Scottish and European fine art.  The relationship between the visual and literary arts is a feature, as well as an accompanying programme of events and workshops (now online) with each exhibition. My Gallery on South Street St Andrews was a welcoming place for all for three years, where visitors were met by friendly, knowledgeable staff.

My main news is I’m moving my gallery online for now, in adapting to current difficult circumstances. However, next Spring and Summer, I’ll have exhibitions in St Andrews again, but in different premises. So be sure to keep an eye on my website and social media for updates! It seems every time we turn on the news these days there are hundreds if not thousands more jobs lost. In that context I count myself and our whole country fortunate in very many ways.

Number crunching ~
Visitor numbers 17 March (lockdown closure) to 21 August 2019: 1,256
and for the same period this year: 264         (79% decrease)

… and how much has been recovered during the re-opening period alone?

Visitor numbers from re-opening on 18 July to 21 August 2019: 547
and for the same period this year (as above): 264          (54% decrease)

This seems to be pretty much par for the course across the national galleries, too, where hundreds of staff have been made redundant (e.g. Tate Enterprises, 50% fewer visitors predicted and 313 jobs lost with concerns the cuts will unfairly affect black and minority ethnic (BAME) staff members – Apollo Magazine, Sept. 2020 issue).

The other factor of course is rent of small business premises. Some landlords are taking 12 weeks’ rent during lockdown for 6 weeks’ trading time post-lockdown. Just saying, in other words, simply stating a fact. Thinking still in weeks and months of rent due rather than in pandemic time of lockdown and post-lockdown days, they seem to count themselves generous for not insisting their tenant moves out before lockdown has even lifted. Some landlords won’t countenance any lease flexibility, like others do. Some landlords say they’re sorry to disappoint, but they have to balance their own needs with the needs of their tenant. Which begs the question of course, what are the landlord’s needs? To make a profit / maintain a second or third income in a household at a pre-pandemic level? And where are the needs of the wider community considered? Are we really ‘all in this together’? Just asking. No  judgements being stated, just statement of facts and fair comment/questions asked.

Acquiring new knowledge must be one of life’s greatest pleasures. I’ve enjoyed learning some new technical skills, for enriched online content. I’m grateful to Fife Council for their Business Support Grant ameliorating my losses over lockdown plus enabling me to adopt new ways of working to keep my small independent gallery going during these difficult circumstances.
‘Coming soon’ as they say are some short films, here on my website: poetry readings – continuing my gallery’s Art and Poetry theme; interviews with artists; studio insights; virtual tours of forthcoming exhibitions in pop-up galleries and Art Fairs.

ALEXANDER MOFFAT‘s  &   HELEN BELLANY‘s exhibition ‘Landscapes of Scotland and Italy’ opened in the gallery on 18 July. Very many thanks to everyone who visited the exhibition and to everyone who supported these artists with their purchases from near and far away. You can now view the exhibition online. Some new artworks will be added, so keep an eye on the website! Altogether a different experience, but I hope one that will be just as enjoyable and enriching for you.


Dominic Walmsley’s St Andrews collection of jewellery in sterling silver, silver gilt and precious gems continues to draw praise for its superb design and craftsmanship.  Pendants, cufflinks and earrings with an iconic image of St Andrews make the perfect graduation present or memento of your visit to St Andrews. This bespoke collection is exclusive to my gallery.

Thank you for your online orders – jewellery is being out sent safely and promptly.

Most importantly of all, keep well everyone!  I’m sending you every good wish and good strength facing whatever circumstances you find yourselves in at the moment.

Beth Junor, Gallery Director  

You can purchase an artwork or jewellery online in a few simple steps. Simply  click on the ‘ARTWORKS’ tab to browse, then on ‘VIEW’ to access further information and purchase.  Please don’t hesitate to e-mail me to discuss any aspect of your purchase. Remember we arrange careful, insured shipment of artworks and jewellery world-wide.