The Junor Gallery specialises in contemporary Scottish and European fine art.  The relationship between the visual and literary arts is a feature, as well as an accompanying programme of events and workshops with each exhibition. The Gallery is a welcoming place for all, where you’ll be met by friendly, knowledgeable staff.

CALUM COLVIN‘s exhibition is now open! We celebrated the opening on Saturday 14 March and the exhibition runs until 30 May. The exhibition includes the artist’s collaborative work with writer Robert Crawford, ‘Brexit Tears’ – fresh from the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh.

Calum Colvin events have been postponed until May, at least …

Slow Art Day 4 April 2020  and Slow Art Saturdays   I’ve been marking Slow Art Day in my gallery since 2018. This worldwide movement encourages us to take time to look at works of art for at least 10 minutes. Calum Colvin’s artworks are ideally suited for this voyage of discovery, so I’m extending this event to Slow Art Saturdays throughout the exhibition (any other day is good too!).  Come along on your own or with a friend and talk about what you discovered . . . .  The most important discovery people make is that they can see and appreciate art without an expert (or expertise).  Click on the link to the Slow Art Day website above for more information.

It’s possible to take a slow look at art online … I hope you enjoy looking closely at Calum Colvin’s work. Please keep in touch and share your discoveries, via email, Facebook or Instagram!

Monday 20 April 1:15 to 2:00pm       Brexit Tears – global perspectives   Calum Colvin on his work and collaborative project ‘Brexit Tears’ – poetry and discussion, with Iyad Hayatleh, Vahid Davar and other special guests. When viewed as a global phenomenon, the populism and xenophobia that led to Brexit can be observed around the world. All welcome, as always!

COVID-19  In this fast-evolving, unprecedented situation I’m doing my best to ensure the safety of all my gallery visitors by adhering to advice from the Chief Medical Adviser and Scottish Government.  At the same time I shall try my best to keep my little gallery going.  Update 17 March: I’ve decided to close the physical gallery on South Street, St Andrews in light of the most recent advice. I’ll maintain an online presence . . . please keep an eye on my website and social media (Instagram and FB) for further updates. And most of all keep well !



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Beth Junor, Gallery Director  

Unable to visit in person?  To purchase an artwork or jewellery online, simply  click on the ‘ARTWORKS’ tab to search, then on ‘VIEW’ to make your selection.  Please don’t hesitate to call me or e-mail me to discuss any aspect of your purchase. We arrange careful, insured shipment of artworks and jewellery world-wide.