The Junor Gallery specialises in contemporary Scottish and European fine art. Connections between the visual and literary arts is a feature, as well as an accompanying programme of events and workshops with each exhibition. The Gallery is a welcoming place for all, where you will be met by friendly, knowledgeable staff.

The gallery is very pleased indeed to announce Alexander Moffat’s  ‘Scotland’s Voices,’  on tour throughout Scotland, can remain here in St Andrews into the New Year.  If you haven’t already had the chance to see it, why not make a day of it in St Andrews and take the opportunity to view it.

At the moment, we’re busy preparing for our new exhibition.  ‘Peerie,’ an exhibition of small works, opens on Saturday 8th December and runs until 16th February 2019.

Dominic Walmsley’s St Andrews collection of jewellery in gilt, silver and precious gems, exclusive to the Gallery, continues to draw praise.  Pendants, cufflinks, and earrings inspired by Geddy’s map of St Andrews make the perfect graduation present or memento of your visit to St Andrews.

Unable to visit in person?  To purchase an artwork or jewellery online, simply  click on the ‘ARTWORKS’ tab to search, then on ‘VIEW’ to make your selection.  Please don’t hesitate to call me to discuss any aspect of your purchase. We can arrange careful, insured shipment of your artwork world-wide.

-Beth Junor, Gallery Director