Sumbra from Sepullichia

23 x 30cm
Helen Bellany


Watercolour on paper

Mt. Sumbra in the artist’s and her late husband’s beloved Garfagnana region. One of a number of studies of the Apuan Alps.

New beginnings, new or renewed relationships, health matters, a feeling of restlessness can all lead to a change of living environment. In the 1980s Helen Bellany and her husband, now married to each other for the second time, went to Italy to find a base from which to travel and work.

As described in her book, The Restless Wave: My Two Lives with John Bellany, ‘…. Then there was the backdrop of rugged mountains, grassy hillsides with old stone dwellings perched on rocky ledges, wave upon wave of wooded slopes stretching far into the distance. … This was the Garfagnana, where, the saying goes, time stands still…’ (pp331-2)