14 x 14 x 1cm
Marion Smith RSA

Frae the bud leaves are breakin
Trees are dauncin, branches sway
Blossoms in the wind are blawin
Spring has come tae flooer the day

– Donald Smith calls us to celebrate the returning vernal light in his poem-song Scotlan’s Spring.  There’s an optimism in Spring, a hope too that things will be better for everyone, together, with the new year’s growth.  This rich brown patinated bronze too seems full of optimism.  It speaks of the riches of the earth, of tilth and loam and renewal.  All around the border are names of some of the flowers & grasses that somehow reappear every Spring. Do you recognise these perennials? There’s meadow foxtail, sweet vernal, flax, sheep’s fescue, cocksfoot, crested dogstail, vetch, bird’s-foot-trefoil, tail fescue.

Three different type-faces are used in this bronze. ‘TILTH’ and ‘LOAM’ are made up of actual typesetters letters. The names of the grasses and flowers around the border are in a more cursive script.

Two text based works in this Peerie exhibition are experiments with text in bronze to create editioned artworks: this one in analogue techniques, contrasted with digital techniques employed in COMMON SOURCE.

Bronze     Limited edition of 6

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