The Apuan Alps V

57 x 76cm
Alexander Moffat OBE RSA


Watercolour on paper

When Alexander Moffat finished his second monumental composite portrait Scotland’s Voices (2016/17 oil on canvas 170 x 230cm), a companion work to his famous Poets’ Pub (1980 oil on canvas 183 x 244cm National Galleries of Scotland (on display Scottish Nat’l Portrait Gallery)), he turned to the landscapes of Italy and Scotland.

In the artist’s ‘late style’ the light is different. The colour palette is different. The subject matter is different. Influences are drawn from past experience, indelible in the artist’s memory:

‘Fifteen years ago I travelled to China to take part in a Li River expedition with a group of Chinese artists and poets. It was a rare privilege to spend a couple of weeks concentrating on drawing what was literally in front of me…the spectacular karst mountains that towered above the river. Exchanging ideas with my Chinese colleagues was also beneficial…their ‘landscape tradition’ goes back much further than ours. In Beijing and Xi’an I was able to see examples of painted landscapes from the 11th century and earlier. The entire trip provided further impetus for a more extended period of landscape study.’ – Alexander Moffat