Sterling Silver Pendant with Swiss Blue Topaz – St Andrews Collection

Dominic Walmsley

This sterling silver pendant with the precious gem Swiss blue topaz is made by the jewellery designer-maker Dominic Walmsley.  Dominic was apprenticed in 1989 after serving under a traditional goldsmith/silversmith in Putney, London.  He set up his own business in 1991, with a studio and workshop in London’s jewellery district. This is where I first spotted his collection based on a mediaeval map of Clerkenwell.  I was preparing to open my gallery with the exhibition, ‘Maps of the Imagination,’ so commissioned a St Andrews Collection for my inaugural exhibition in August 2017.  I took the Geddy map down to Dominic’s workshop and shop. We spread out the map and decided on which part of St Andrews to base this new collection.

Each piece in the St Andrews collection features the iconic steeple of  St Salvator’s Chapel, which leads into St Salvator’s quad, the heart of the University in the town. To the right, the windows of the chapel can be seen.  The layout of North Street and Market Street can be seen. Also visible in each piece are the town’s houses with their ancient ‘lang rigg’ gardens.  The detail inspires awe and is readily identifiable to today’s visitors, students and residents of the town.  The collection is a testament to the jeweller’s superb craftsmanship.

Dominic is now based in Sevenoaks, Kent.  With family connections in Edinburgh, he has been a welcome visitor to the gallery – on one occasion, speaking with visitors about the stages involved in creating this unique collection.

I am grateful to Dominic for granting the gallery world exclusivity for his St Andrews collection.

St Andrews sterling silver pendant with precious gem Swiss blue topaz.      ‘St Andrews 1580’ on verso.  Hallmarked.

Dominic’s jewellery can be purchased using the OwnArt scheme, i.e. this piece £19. in ten interest free monthly payments.

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