Hamish Henderson (Study for Scotland’s Voices)

52 x 31.5cm
Alexander Moffat OBE RSA

This portrait of Hamish Henderson (a Study for Scotland’s Voices) is of significant cultural and historical significance. Hamish Henderson (1919 – 2002) was a well-loved Scottish poet, folklorist, political activist, WW2 soldier and interpreter, songwriter, translator of poetry from the Gaelic, French, German, Latin and Greek . . . in other words one of the greatly well lived lives of twentieth century Scotland.  His life filled two massive volumes of biography by Timothy Neat.

Hamish Henderson is the central figure in Alexander Moffat’s monumental new composite portrait Scotland’s Voices, where he is shown surrounded by the Scottish traditional singers and musicians he recorded.  The artist made several studies of this central figure, of which this is a particularly poignant one.

Literature:  a new book on Alexander Moffat’s portraiture was published by Luath Press this year.  In ‘Facing the Nation‘ art historian Bill Hare writes, “In all of his portraiture, Moffat aims to find a balance between emotional expression and compositional order. Over the last 50 years or so, almost single-handed, he has upheld the importance of modern portraiture in Scotland.”

Pastel on paper


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