London Passport Map

64.3 x 87cm
Yanko Tihov
£1920 / £1800 (UNFRAMED)


Artist Proof (rare – one of five)

Archival pigment print hand gilded with 23ct shell gold

Signed by the artist

Edition of 30 plus 5 Artist Proofs

“I find it fascinating that in an increasingly globalised world people remain dependant on the impersonal view of a bureaucratic system which uses prejudice and historic precedent to decide who holds the ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ passport cover. This makes us victims of a complicated set of laws and jurisdictions which reduces people to nothing but a number, whose given quality lies in the cover of their passport, regardless of their individual creativity.”  -Yanko Tihov, August 2015

Yanko’s limited edition print London Passport Map offers a fascinating snapshot of the wonderfully diverse nature of England’s capital, having been constructed using the passports of the various passport holders residing in London, as documented in the latest census. The design of the map is determined by the colours and motifs of the passports, each of which is carefully matched and embedded within the boroughs of London. The passport cover’s texts, seals and coat of arms have been hand painted by the artist in 23 carat gold, adding a unique layer which beautifully reflects and enlivens the surface.

See the guide to the artwork in the exhibition, for a key to the several passport covers depicted for each of London’s 33 boroughs. An exceptionally beautiful piece.