HOMER’S OCTOPUS Poems by Michael Longley Illustrations by Sarah Longley

270 x 170 x 9mm
Sarah Longley ARUA

What an absolute delight and privilege to present this latest collaborative work by poet Michael Longley, artist Sarah Longley ARUA and fine bookbinder Andrew Moorhouse.

I now (Sat. 21 May ’22) have only one copy available from the Standard Edition, limited to 100 copies: numbers 82. Signed by the poet and artist.

The book is a collection of fifteen of Michael Longley’s Homeric poems, illustrated with pen & ink drawings by Sarah Longley.

In his Preface, Michael Longley writes, ‘…. From the outset, I pushed against the narrative momentum. The Iliad and the Odyssey are page-turners. We go on reading to find out what happens next: but in my poems I ‘freeze-frame’ passages to release their lyrical potential. I try to produce original poems rather than straightforward translations. …’

You can view a short video from Andrew Moorhouse’s workshop about the making of the book here.

‘Homer’s Octopus’    Poems by Michael Longley   Illustrations by Sarah Longley   Published by Andrew J Moorhouse (Rochdale England, 2020)

Price includes UK postage.