Commemorative plate – from ‘Napoleon Crossing the St Bernard Pass (after David)’

27cm diameter
Calum Colvin OBE RSA

Colvin’s famous earlier work ‘Napoleon Crossing the St Bernard Pass (after David)’ was the fulfilment of a 2004 UNESCO commission for the organisation’s Paris headquarters. The artist constructed a stage set that entirely reworked David’s work of propaganda. Here, Napoleon is set inside a contemporary, shabby office space (see Tom Normand, pp 39-42).

The artist reworked this again, transfer printing his own photographic work onto a porcelain plate. ‘This device of printing the photographs onto commemorative plates was a deepening of Colvin’s fascination with the interaction of fine art with popular culture.’ – Tom Normand, in ‘The Constructed Worlds of Calum Colvin: Symbol, Allegory, Myth’ (Luath Press, 2019, pp 139-145)