Branded World

100 x 185cm
Yanko Tihov


100 x 185cm

Artist Proof. Last remaining.

Archival Print in Perspex Face-Mount on Aluminium Dibond panel

Signed by the artist. Certificate and matching holograms

Edition of 7 (sold out) plus 3 Artist Proofs (of which 2 sold)

‘The concept for Branded World originated during the early infancy of my daughter. Observing her play and make associations with toys or products made for children fascinated me. She very quickly seemed to favour Lego and would prefer it over other imitations. She appeared to respond to the brand identity and form an allegiance to it at an age before a more complex understanding of preferences had developed.

‘This phenomenon was intriguing because there seemed to be a direct link to the passport map series of works I create to explore and illuminate, among other ideas, concepts of national identity both past and present. This work places my daughter’s Lego figures to the fore, digitally manipulated, in part to populate a passport emblazoned representative from every country on Earth. Applying passport covers expresses a form of Birth-Branding, which in recent years has become a commodity similar to purchasing a famous toy brand.

‘This may be viewed as contentious or playing with national stereotypes but the question being asked though the work is different for each individual viewer, because each viewer was a child and carries within them an innate understanding of how they formed their own version of a branded national identity.’

Yanko Tihov August 2018

An extremely engaging print depicting Lego figures onto which passport shields from every country in the world are emblazoned, in alphabetical order from top Left.