Botanics I

7.5 x 11cm
Bertie Lumsden

Botanics I is one of a series of three Botanics photographs from this talented emerging young photographer in the exhibition.

“I am currently in my final year of International Relations at St. Andrews University.  Photographing since the age of 14, my initial interest drew me towards wildlife and landscapes and on towards winning a UK young wildlife photographer award at 17 for images taken working with Richard Shucksmith in the Shetland Isles.

“Since travelling extensively at 18, an encounter with Don McCullin, and disaster response work in Eastern Kentucky and the Philippines, as well as more recent time in Lesvos and Lebanon around the refugee crisis, my interest in photography increasingly shifted toward exploring its place in capturing moments of conjunction. Points in time and space at which the movement and progression of ones own life encounters a diverse flow of objects, subjects, and shapes, that come to be held together in the frame of the viewfinder at the moment of inspiration in which one feels compelled to press the shutter. In the process, capturing something of a world outside that is also at the same time inseparable from oneself.

“The images shown here mark those moments from my life over the last 18 months. Taken on a manual film camera, they are the stories of walks taken and places shared, journeys both close to home and far away that mark the course of a life.” – Bertie Lumsden

35mm manual camera // Ilford HP4

B&W Archival print on Photorag paper

2018          Edition of 3