35.5 x 23 cm
Sarah Longley ARUA


Baucis & Philomen IV is the original pen and ink drawing for a new chapbook collaboration between poet Michael Longley, artist Sarah Longley ARUA and publisher Andrew J Moorhouse:  ‘Metamorphoses’, inspired by Ovid’s classic story of an elderly couple’s love and the generous hospitality they share with strangers at their door.

‘[From 2013-14] a new type of collaboration emerged, thanks to Andrew Moorhouse and his Fine Press Poetry Publications (Andrew brings together poets and artists to produce beautiful limited  editions). Our first joint venture was Sea Asters (2014) and the second A Dipper’s Range (2016): both rich with flowers and creatures from Carrigskeewaun and Lochalsh. These are, as my father beautifully puts it, our ‘soul-landscapes’ which we have shared with one another. It has been a challenge to work within the narrow parameters required for printing – each page is printed individually from a metal plate – but I’ve enjoyed the restrictions. I’ve had to be strict with myself and try to reduce the large fluid movements which I employ when working with charcoal, and hone the marks down to the bare minimum using pen and ink, whilst still being expressive.’  – Sarah Longley, ARUA.  To read more about her collaborative work, click on Artists tab.

Signed and dated