35.5 x 23 cm
Sarah Longley ARUA

Baucis & Philomen III  is the original pen and ink drawing for a new chapbook collaboration between poet Michael Longley, artist Sarah Longley ARUA and publisher Andrew J Moorhouse:  ‘Metamorphoses’, inspired by Ovid’s classic story of an elderly couple’s love and the generous hospitality they share with strangers at their door.

‘I remember when my father asked me to do a drawing for our very first Christmas card together. I must have been five or six years old. . . . I was sitting at the big dining-room table and he gave me a black ball-point pen and showed me a picture of lapwings: the poem was ‘The Lapwing’s Egg’. I did the drawing very quickly (they take me a bit longer now) and it’s still one of my favourites. I can’t see a flock of lapwings without hearing his beautiful line from that poem: ‘The dappled flight of lapwings’. Since then, our Christmas card collaboration has been a much-loved yearly tradition which I hugely enjoy: a chance for me to connect with my father’s poetry in a deep way.’ – Sarah Longley on her lifelong collaboration with her father. To read more click on the Artists tab.