Yanko Tihov

Yanko Tihov

About the Artist

b. 1977

Originally from Bulgaria, award-winning London-based painter and printmaker Yanko Tihov attended the National Academy of Arts, Sofia for a BA in Fine Arts and Printmaking (1997-2001). He studied at Art College “N. Raynov” from 1993 to 1997, where he specialised in oil painting and illustration.

“The artist’s vision is not constrained by physical limits or boundaries. I understand how imperative it is for creative people to be able to travel to wherever they feel safe and nourished. Having this freedom to move and travel, I believe artists push the future ahead of them. They bring hope and unity to a world that needs their vision.”

Yanko Tihov, 2015

Yanko Tihov’s passport series offers unique examples of contemporary cartography that beautifully capture the borders of today’s world. The pieces also “humanise” the globe. Often, while looking at a plain geographic map, we tend only to register landmasses and water bodies. We can easily miss the fact that each and every state, no matter how foreign and distant, has individuals just like us – with a home and perhaps a desire – or need – to travel across borders. Yanko Tihov’s inventive maps highlight these concrete identities and personalities.

Solo exhibition: summer of 2019.   I look forward to meeting you!  – Beth Junor, Gallery Director