Gerry Turley

Gerry Turley

About the Artist

Gerry Turley is an illustrator and printmaker based in the Scottish borders. He was born and raised in Glasgow where he studied Illustration at Glasgow School of Art (Mick Manning, also exhibiting in ‘Maps of the Imagination,’ was the course leader). He then studied Natural History Illustration at the Royal College of Art, reflected in his screen prints of whales with other forms of sea life currently showing. 

Gerry explains, “The image of the whale interacting with other sea life came first and then I began to experiment with different papers. I enjoy the surface quality of old papers for their imperfections and old sea charts seemed perfect, for both the quality of the paper itself and the abstract nature of the lines and route markings.”

“There’s a narrative present in many of the charts I’ve used, where navigators plotted the routes the ships would take, often drawn in pencil, rubbed out and redrawn as the route changed depending on tidal levels and sea conditions.  The narrative continues in their marks and drawings being added to record noteworthy objects or details not already included on the chart. By adding my own images to the sea charts, I’m contributing my narrative.”

Gerry’s large-scale screen prints have caught the eye of many passing the Gallery, including navigators and mariners.  They’ve enjoyed Gerry’s work immensely and it’s a delight to witness their appreciation and learn more about the charts.  Indeed those who’ve worked with sea charts throughout their voyages have seen whales at sea, whose majestic presence inspires wonder in us all through Gerry Turley’s work.